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        R&S HMO1202 series Mixed signal oscilloscope

        Article Source:SHENZHEN ECREDIX TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Popularity:1429Time:2016-02-20 14:41:41SmallInBig

        Rohde & Schwarz launched a new generation of outstanding performance of entry-level oscilloscope - HMO1202 series mixed signal oscilloscope. Up to 300MHz bandwidth and is equipped with rich operations and FFT spectrum analysis function makes it well suited for general digital and analog circuit test analysis. Two analog channel plus eight way digital channels, sampling rate of up 2GS/s up 2m waveform recording length and real 1mV/div input vertical sensitivity to HMO1202 series mixed signal oscilloscope in 2000 euros price range of the oscilloscope market outshines the rest.

        Rich built-in analysis function
        Rohde & Schwarz in New R&S HMO1202 series oscillograph integrates rich operation function, covering from the simple standard operations, add, subtract, multiply, divide, to waveform of logarithmic differential and integral. Users through the custom formula editor can also be obtained abundant calculation combination, such as through the integrated waveform to obtain characteristics of capacitor charging.
        The oscilloscope built-in usually only in the more high-end oscilloscope obtained up to 128K points FFT analysis. Time domain signal, the test window and results and range analysis can show at the same time. The FFT analysis function can also to carry on the analysis of the recorded signals. The user can very convenient adjustment of the analysis window width has carried on the analysis to the interest portion of the signal of interest.

        Code type signal generator for integrated embedded development
        Integrated code generator can generate up to 50Mbps protocol signal. Developers can through a custom programming required code to achieve a predefined protocol signal, to help users of circuit components, such as sensors, carries on the simulation. Complexes based on template pass / fail test, up to 10000 times / second waveform capture rate of other rich, R&S HMO1202 series mixed signal oscilloscope become ideal for circuit development.

        Convenient and flexible PC interconnection
        Media transmission protocol, MTP support so that this oscillograph can be extremely easily between the instrument and the PC to test results and screen shots and other data interaction. Software options and firmware upgrade can simply by placing the corresponding file directories for PC in the relevant documents to drag HMO1202 oscilloscope to achieve. Instrument power on after the restart will be automatically updated to complete the installation. In addition, the user also can be through a simple web browser to achieve the instrument set access and screenshot capturing and downloading.