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        Test power GNSS and LBS large-scale commercial applications

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        Test power GNSS and LBS large-scale commercial applications

        In September 25, 2015, Beijing - Rhodes and Schwartz (R&S company) attended the National Convention Center in Beijing GNSS International Forum. The forum jointly organized by the Chinese satellite navigation Association and the European Union Chamber of Commerce Chinese GNSS.asia project, is one of the fourth Chinese satellite navigation and location-based services Conference and Exhibition Forum. Chinese satellite navigation and location the service in our industry will be a large scale, high level, wide range and the most representative one of the annual industry event, has an important influence on the industry. Since the 2000 launch of the first Beidou satellite, has launched 19 satellites, is moving into a new process of global coverage, application and industrialization of the Beidou Beidou in the face of new challenges at the same time also ushered in the best period of historical opportunities.

        As invited European companies, R&S solutions company representatives introduced satellite navigation application testing challenges and tests, especially in Beidou /GNSS civil test, R&S is the company SMBV100A GNSS simulator comprehensive simulation can be enhanced GNSS, such as A-GNSS, GBAS, QZSS/SBAS,., simulation of various space and movement environment; at the same time as broadband vector signal source a type of economy, wireless test signal SMBV100A can provide all the wireless standard to make GNSS interference test or other purposes. The mobile phone terminal LBS is Chinese commercial applications, will greatly promote the future market size of GNSS. With the Beidou standard has been adopted in 3GPP, will also promote the premise the more widely used.LBS application is to be certified by LBS level test and.R test set operators.