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        Rhodes and Schwartz launched the GNSS rapid production tester

        Article Source:SHENZHEN ECREDIX TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Popularity:1953Time:2016-02-20 15:02:03SmallInBig

        Rhodes and Schwartz launched the GNSS rapid production tester

        August 11, 2015, Munich - R&S the company released the a new fast GNSS production testing instrument, the instrument by the vector signal generator R&S SMBV100A and R&S optional SMBV-P101 package. In based satellite navigation communication module and receiver test before, you need to check the connection between the antenna and GNSS chip group, to ensure that the basic of GNSS signal receiving.

        R&S company in SMBV100A instrument design the GNSS simulator, mainly for GNSS receiver test. The fast test instrument for the production of the GNSS support GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo satellite system, and includes a large number of additional testing features of various GNSS chips and modules.

        Test instrument for the production of the GNSS independent simulation L1/E1 band of GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo satellite navigation standards, the four satellite signal also can be respectively is activated, and each of them have dynamic ranges of up to 34dB. In instrument operation, change the level does not interrupt signal, so that the user can also carry out each kind of navigation system for the sensitivity of the test. In addition, internal instrument 1PPS or 10pps ngss marker seconds pulse signal, for test equipment and measured between the time synchronization, and can produce a steady level CW signal, used to test system calibration or disturbance of analog signals.

        R&S optional SMBV-P101 similarly also provide effective characterization of various GNSS chip test function, can quickly, effectively detect receiver processing ability of high motion characteristics. Therefore, the user can use the predefined and user-defined two Doppler model. Based on this, R&S SMBV100A can automatically generate the appropriate satellite signals.

        Rhodes and Schwartz join hands with China Mobile to create the 4G Era

        In September 29, 2015, Beijing - Rhodes and Schwartz to join China Mobile on September 22, 2015 -25 in Beijing to attend the 2015 Chinese International Communication Exhibition. The activities of the China Mobile executives, the attention of the industry chain enterprises and the media institutions. Rhodes and Schwartz live demonstration NS-IOT CA terminal test system, this system is a TD-LTE-A downlink carrier the development of CMW500 automated testing platform based on polymerization. * on-site dynamic presentation of the double carrier aggregation rate reached 190Mbps~210Mbps, the rate of terminal and non 100Mbps carrier aggregation than has been significantly improved. The PQA (Performance Quality Analysis) testing system can be extended to support existing and downlink 4CC uplink 2CC test program, based entirely on automated testing Rhodes and Schwartz script of local R & D center developed independently, can be more good To meet the needs of the localization of the whole system are using Rhodes and Schwartz own brand of instrumentation equipment, easy for users to do follow-up expansion and maintenance.

        In addition, Rohde & Schwarz also provides for carrier aggregation terminal RF test, RRM, IOT and the performance of a full set of solutions and in a number of areas in the industry-leading position. At present the test platform has been widely recognized in the industry mainstream chip manufacturers and terminal equipment provider, the first validation completed China Mobile all NS-IOT CA test cases, and has been successfully used in the storage testing and certification in.