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        Wireless radio frequency automatic testing system production line for shielding box and robot

        Article Source:SHENZHEN ECREDIX TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Popularity:1855Time:2016-02-20 15:04:47SmallInBig

        Factory assembly line can improve production efficiency, improve production speed, in the automatic test system of wireless radio frequency if the use of pipeline can greatly improve production efficiency, in wireless RF test usually used shielding box, if the robots and automatic shielding box at the same time for wireless RF automatic test system in the pipeline can greatly improve the efficiency of testing.

        Tuoye robot R & D and production line of wireless RF automatic test system. This project using a six axis robot and a 4 axis robot with automatic shielding box to realize the WIFIBT module automatic pick and place material and testing functions. In order to ensure product quality, communication equipment manufacturers must be in the factory, for each product are rigorously tested. Unit cost is reduced by a factor of 4 Tuoye new system and provide on the need to increase the ability to customize the testing requirements of the communication interface. In Hebei joint production of automatic shielding box widely used in radio frequency test line, high test efficiency.