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        How to test the signal strength of the wireless communication products

        Article Source:SHENZHEN ECREDIX TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Popularity:1829Time:2016-02-20 15:05:34SmallInBig

        Many do not see the signal in the US in our life, there is a mobile phone signal, WiFi signal, Bluetooth signal, GPS signal and so on, these signals are emitted by the specific wireless communication products, like mobile phone, wireless card, router, remote control and so on, which we use in our daily things how to test the signal strength of them? This requires a shielding box, a shielding box is a metal box can be a signal of a certain frequency of the equipment from outside the box, and then the signal is introduced into the box body through the filter. This can signal the extent to which the products in the absence of external signal interference the case. The shielding box is generally used in factories or research laboratory, in the factory to use to ensure the qualification rate of products, can make the correct use of developed products in R & D room, avoid in mass production After causing unnecessary loss and waste.

        Shielding box in large enterprises use rate is very extensive, large enterprises need high-quality products sent to the hands of customers to maintain the product image and how to product defective rate is too high is certainly will affect the enterprise image. So the shielding box in the test for wireless communication is very important.