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        The development and application of GPS signal repeater

        Article Source:SHENZHEN ECREDIX TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Popularity:1780Time:2016-02-20 15:06:22SmallInBig

        From the beginning of the last century 80's, the miss distance measurement equipment John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory began to design and development for the assessment of lethal weapon intercepting effect, and in 1977 developed a Transat analog repeater, in order to make the ballistic missile to intercept the data can be encrypted, GPS digital repeater is developed in APL can be used in the missile. On 1991 and 1992, APL conducted two exoatmosphere successful intercept flight test system is divided into, one experiment directly hit the target, another almost hit the target, test, interceptor and target are installed in the L1 band airborne GPS transponder. In sampling the rate is 10Hz, the relative geometric measurement precision were measured by differential GPS interceptor and target to 60cm. In 1993, APL think if we can The transponder, improved antenna and ground data recording equipment, and the use of more precise P code, then the relative accuracy of 2cm can be reached. In 1994, due to the expansion of naval test infrastructure project special requirements on the transponder, the transponder and the signal recording device APL on the ground supporting was improved. In 1996, the relative the positioning accuracy of two GPS rocket sled transponder mount measurement experiment was carried out in the high-speed test track at Herman Air Force Base on the reached 2cm, which indicates that the relative positioning transponder system can achieve centimeter level positioning accuracy based on [8][9]. In 2010 APL has developed a miniature analog repeater, it has low power consumption, small volume. The quality characteristics of light and measurement precision of [10][11].

        In China, 1994, Wang Shuren proposed missile borne GPS repeater measurement principle and method of the rail system, Yao Yu in 1995 proposed for range test of GPS onboard transponder system [13], the general scheme and the proposed GPS transponders similar, due to the P codes limit, cannot achieve good positioning accuracy, due to the development in this area is not mature, it also limits the GPS transponder, and with our guide the rise of compass navigation system, which is bound to promote the development of GNSS Transponder Based on.