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        GPS signal repeater, analysis of signal simulator technology

        Article Source:SHENZHEN ECREDIX TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Popularity:1904Time:2016-02-20 15:08:10SmallInBig

        Navigation signal simulator is different, in fact, the form has different advantages and disadvantages, the following analysis.

        Only 600 in Chengdu at all signal and model simulation by the software, the simulator system structure more clearly. The software simulation and hardware signal occur independently of each other, the simulator of signal testing, software simulation can continue operations. Due to multiple channel analog and power in the software of digital computing, so the generated signal precision is very high. For example: GS simulator of pseudo distance precision up to plus or minus 10 mm; pseudo range rate accuracy up to plus or minus 1 mm / s and the other a pattern of high dynamic GPS satellite signal simulator of pseudo range accuracy + 80 mm; pseudo range rate accuracy only + 5 mm / S, respectively.

        But the disadvantages of this method is obvious, because of all the signals and data model are by computer software operations are, subject in the calculation of velocity and interface speed limit, in this way the real-time test data. Software to generate the data stored in memory card hardware, due to the limited storage space, the current can simulation test scenario is generally not more than 12 hours, for example: GS 600 simulator of the storage card, only being static navigation data of 3 h and 3 h of the dynamic state of the navigation data. This leads to difficult in this guide navigation signal simulator for some long-term tests.