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      1. Hello, welcome to visit the official website of Ecredix

        Electronic test and measurement expert systems integration solutions, to provide professional electronic measurement equipment and analysis solutions

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        Data Communication Solutions

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        • Hotel digital TV transformation solutions

          Hotel digital TV transformation solutions

          The digital TV transformation overview: with the integral translation of digital TV upgrade, the whole city will shut down the analog cable TV signal of the original, upgraded to digital signal transmission, i.e. each TV...

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        • Hotel VOD video on demand system

          Hotel VOD video on demand system

          The new hour hand on the hotel VOD video on demand system provides three solutions.Solution one, IP STB DVBC model: It makes use of the hotel internal satellite TV and cable TV system, Internet system using hotel rooms i...

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        • Digital cable TV system Solution

          Digital cable TV system Solution

          Recently as a professional digital TV system provider, with independent research and development of SMS, CA system, front-end equipment and standard HD set-top box products, can provide a complete front-end system soluti...

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