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        GPS signal repeater indoor GPS signal coverage

        Article Source:SHENZHEN ECREDIX TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Popularity:2053Time:2016-02-20 14:26:46SmallInBig

        GPS signal repeater is an important component of GPS (global PositiONing system) global positioning system (GPS) part of the ground, the main function is the satellite signals from outdoor to indoor or other does not receive the satellite signal, can indoors with regular satellite receiver to receive satellite signals and finish the work should be completed in the outdoor indoor, can provide adjustable test signals for GPS receiver.

        GPS is English Global Positioning System (Global Positioning System) referred to, and the Chinese referred to as the "ball".GPS is a new generation of space satellite navigation and positioning system in 1970s developed by the United States Army. Its main purpose is for land, sea and air of the three areas to provide real-time, all-weather and global the navigation service, and for intelligence gathering, nuclear monitoring and emergency communication etc. some military purposes, is an important component of the United States to dominate the global strategy. With the rapid development of the global economy and the end of the cold war, the U.S. government announced during 2000 to 2006, under the premise of ensuring national security is not threatened, cancel the SA policy, civil GPS the precision of the signal is improved in the global scope, single point positioning by use of C/A code accuracy increased from 100 m to 10 m, which will further promote the application of GPS technology, improve productivity, as Industry efficiency, scientific level and people's quality of life and stimulate growth in the GPS market. According to the experts predict, in the United States alone is car GPS navigation system, in 2000 after the market will reach $30 billion, and in our country, car navigation market will reach 50 billion yuan RMB. Visible, the application prospect of GPS technology, the market very impressive.

        The main components of GPS signal repeater
        1, gain controller: GA30-V, 1
        Power supply configuration: AC220/9V adapter;
        Signal intensity: 0dB~30dB adjustable
        2, outdoor receiving antenna TIMING4000 (1)
        Configuration: connector 4~6V, DC NF
        3, transmit antenna:
        GTA10/L1P (1)
        Configuration: SMAconnector,
        4, cable assembly: RG8/U
        Standard length: 30 meters,
        NM connector,
        5, cable assembly: LMR240
        Standard length: 10 meters,
        Male SMA - Male N connector
        6, lightning arrester (N-FEMALE N-MALE), 1.
        7, engineering accessories:
        Antenna base, wire tube, heat shrinkable tube.
        The application of GPS signal repeater

        Testing of GPS receiver products
        GPS production line, GPS production line, GPS laboratory, University Laboratory, and so on need to test the product, product performance verification and other application environment.

        Indoor coverage of GPS signals
        Need to achieve GPS signal indoor coverage of various occasions: aerospace manufacturing, aviation maintenance, laboratory, building parking, GPS stores, indoor demonstration hall.