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        The application of GPS signal repeater

        Article Source:SHENZHEN ECREDIX TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.Popularity:1917Time:2016-02-20 14:24:36SmallInBig

        The GPS system has been widely applied in many fields, in the traditional GPS positioning process, the general condition of the receiver need to have a more open vision, at least can be observed simultaneously in 4 satellites [1]. But in good GPS signal regions such as the core area of the city, inside the building and underground parking lot, because the GPS signal by the barrier, intensity and effect of multipath effect, caused by the receiver cannot lock signal or a result there is a big deviation, it is difficult to meet the positioning requirements.GPS signal repeater technology [2] to improve the positioning ability of the existing GPS signal, and some techniques such as (NOVA RIAN T) satellite systems research foundation (Terrali te XPS Sy stem [4]) in addition to using the GPS signal itself, also use the auxiliary signal of Pseudolite. The use of these new technologies, the receiver in the work area when the GPS signal is bad, Still can provide reliable positioning results.