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        Monitoring and supervising RF signals with PROMAX systems. 

        PROWATCH monitoring systems are designed to deploy, expand or replace existing monitoring systems. They are built around the professional-choice TV signal analyzers (RANGER Neo from PROMAX), making them one of the best monitoring and supervising platforms available today for RF signals monitoring, analysis and logging: FM radio, Terrestrial TV, Satellite TV and CATV.


        PROWATCH monitoring systems include new technologies such as DVB-T2, H265, 4K UHD, IP TV, etc. They allow setting alarms and pre-alarms based on signal quality parameters, as well as performing the complete remote control of the equipment as if they were physically being held in the hands.

        PROMAX signal monitoring equipment are perfect for:


        ·         Entities that watch over the integrity of the spectrum and must detect interference.

        ·         Integration in the broadcasting centers to control the signal that is being transmitted.

        ·         Perform control in teleports to ensure the received SAT signals.

        ·         Operators tracking RF signals transmitted and/or received at each location.

        ·         CATV Critical headers and nodes.

        Monitoring all signal parameters

        It is possible to monitor and log all the measurements that would be taken with a regular TV analyzer. Power, MER, BER, service display and recording, etc.

        The individual control of the system provides access to other functions such as echoes, constellation and many other additional measurements. It is also available the streaming of each service.

        In addition, the top-of-range models (PROWATCH Neo 2) can also record and analyze the Transport Stream (TS) in real time.

        Telemetry for the control of integrated systems in the transmitter stations

        In addition to monitoring equipment, accessory systems as Telemetry modules can be supplied to perform the complete control of integrated systems within a transmitter plant.

        SNMP management

        PROMAX can provide the MIB files that allow to integrate the monitoring and telemetry systems into a SNMP control system. Drivers for some of the most known managers in Broadcasting (such as Dataminer) are provided.

        PROMAX can provide on demand the SNMP manager PROWATCH NMS for controlling the monitoring and telemetry systems.

        Portable monitoring or embedded systems monitoring?

        PROMAX monitoring equipment is available in both formats:

        ·         PROWATCH systems, embedded in a 1U module for 19” rack mounting.

        ·         RANGER Neo, a portable TV signal analyzer with monitoring function.

        Neo for embedded systems, RANGER Neo for portable monitoring

        Integrated management of a network via SNMP

        There is the possibility of integrate the whole set of PROWATCH Neo cells via a SNMP manager application to get reports, graphs, etc in an almost infinite number of formats, to show them in a videoworld or to perform queries from anywhere in the world using a computer or a tablet.

        Per-equipment management

        There is the possibility of manage each PROWATCH Neo equipment as an independent cell via a Web application. It runs from the Internet browser, not requiring any additional software. This make possible to use them in the same way as if the equipment were in front of the operator. It is just as being there.

        Try now the remote control of an actual PROWATCH Neo

        We have a PROWATCH Neo+ unit in the PROMAX facilities ready to you to connect to it. You can log in the same way that you would if the unit was part of your own monitoring network.

        Telemetry and remote control systems of broadcast stations

        PROMAX can provide the remote units for the complete management and telemetry of the equipment installed in radio and television broadcast stations that are located in hard-to-reach areas.

        All the necessary resources to monitor and control the transmission, reception and infrastructure parameters are unified under the same user interface.

        ·         Controlling and monitoring equipment and devices, regardless of the manufacturer

        ·         SNMP, GPIO, MODBUS and Serial interfaces

        ·         Safe communications via the “Open VPN” application

        ·         Ethernet and GSM (double SIMCARD) communications

        ·         Redundant communications and power supplies

        ·         Shielded against RF interferences

        ·         Low power consumption

        ·         Shielded inputs and outputs

        ·         Allows to set up to 5 IP addresses (NOC) for communication

        What can be done with the monitoring system?

        What follows are some screen captures of the RF signals monitoring system PROWATCH Neo:

        Real-time measurements and spectrum of a digital terrestrial television multiplex

        Real-time TV parameters and decoding of a digital terrestrial television service

        Using the console to control the analyzer, the same as being physically there

        Reviewing alarms and pre-alarms triggered during a monitoring

        Results of the monitoring in a graphic form